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The word Drone is actually having two distinct meanings: the first one is a low humming sound that goes on continuous basis and second indicates the male bee. We all know that male bee has no work to do, it never goes out to gather honey; its existence is just for impregnating the bee queen. So it is not a bad idea to use this word to describe an UAV- that also produces sound like group of bees and phantom appears to be mindless.

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Drone Replacement Parts And Accessories

There are many reasons you may need to buy parts and accessories for your drone. Parts wear out — propellers, for instance, and motors and batteries. Things break — parts like landing gear, antennas and gimbals — which you know, if you’ve crashed a few times. You may want to add convenience — buy extra batteries and a quick charger, a carrying case or something as simple as a lanyard for a controller. And sometimes you seek to boost the performance of your drone, flight controller or camera, which means upgrading from original equipment.

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