About Us

We have working partnerships within Australia and Internationally that allow us to provide the general public with these collections at reduced and affordable prices. If you need a particular piece or style we either have it or we can source it for you. We believe in personalised service, quality and integrity and our online showroom provides our clients nationally and internationally access to our vast product ranges.


Meet The Owner

As the founder of The Drone Crew, I’ve always had an interest in technology. Ever since my son was young, we would run to local park and play with RC helicopters and cars.

As he grew up, I found it harder and harder to keep up to date with these devices and technologies as they just seemed to get better and better. There are so many things you can do with drones.Capture the most breath taking photos and moments, racing other drones and performing awesome air tricks with them. 

My aim is to bring high quality affordable drones to suit a wide range of needs and requirements for my customers. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer who loves catching mother nature in its essence or just someone looking for a relaxing hobby to wind down after a busy work week, we got the perfect drones for you.